Free International Phone calls to 40 Destinations

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Shalomtalk.comЧанти за лаптоп allows making free international calls from only 10 destinations which include, Canada, USA, Denmark, UK, Singapore, Japan, Netherlands & Italy. If you belong to one of these countries then you can make calls with shalomtalk.  Ok now we see what are the 40 destinations we can call.

Please note all calls are limited for 10 minutes each. There is no need to register at shalomtalk to use this free international calls service.

mach zehnder modulatorHow it works

Simply enter your phone number
(removing the number 0 from the beginning)

Then select your destination and enter their number
(again removing the 0)

Press “Call” and you will receive a call back immediately.

Once you’ve picked up- you’ll be connected to your destination number!

Jumblo offering Cheapest International Calls to India, Pakistan,and more

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Jumblo offers free calls to the following destinatons.

czech republic FREE!
japan FREE!
new zealand FREE!
romania FREE!
russian federation FREE!
singapore FREE!
taiwan FREE!

Good news is no need to download any software to use jumblo. Just visit the website and you can make calls. The screen will look like below one.Jumblo CallIf you have any doubt visit their step by step instructions page.

Zenofone free credit offers

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Zenofon was offering free calling credit worth $10 but when Zenofon grew up they reduced the offered free credit to $1.25.

Later, the free credit offer was suspended., but now the free credit offer by Zenofon is back. Zenofon is offering all its new users free credit worth $1. You can use this free credit to call anywhere in world. Yes this works for making free calls to India. Only thing to note is that Zenofon free credit offer is effectively valid for USA users because you need a USA number to use Zenofon.

The calls are made via access number (Pin less dialing). But, if you have a USA phone number (many of you must be having), then you can use Zenofon.

One more point to be noted is that you can register with Zenofon only via invite (only then you get this free credit). So, better to register as soon as possibe as Zenofon can again suspend this offer. Hurry !! Register with Zenofon.

Google Voice+Poketalk+Freedom calls = Free calls worldwide.

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Google Voice+Poketalk+Freedom calls= Unlimited free calls to the world but since Poketalk is used to connect the call the length will be limited to 10 minutes but then still just look at the destinations and you will be amazed.

Here is how it works. Google talk gives you a U.S number which allows you to receive calls on a U.S cell number/landline number or Gizmo5 (and on possible anything through Gizmo5 forward option). Poketalk allows you to call Australia landlines for free including other 41 countries also for free. But we just need to dial Australia landline number for free and now need to dial the access numbers provided by Freedom calls which are in 6 cities namely:-
1. Melbourne – 0390957222
2. Sydney      - 0290869222
3. Brisbane    - 0731668111
4. Perth         – 0863635111
5. Adelaide   –  0872212444
6. Canberra  -  0262232622

So go to Poketalk and register yourself. registration gives you many benefits including call history, 10 minutes call length and many more. While registering yourself, put in your GV number and then when you make calls through poketalk, it will 1st call you on your GV number (which is listed as My phone number) and then connect you to other number that you wish to call (Number to call). So you dial any of the above mentioned landline numbers from Poketalk and it connects you and then all you do is press “1″ and then dial the international number as 0011 +International dialing code of the country+ the number and press #. I dialed my Indian cell number as 0011919879575183 and boom it was connected.

So there you are. Free calls to 70 countries from Poketalk’s 42 including Indian landlines and mobiles.

Make free calls to India, Bangladesh, China

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Freedom Calls enables you to make international calls for a local mobile call charge using your mobile cap minutes, effectively dialing internation for free.
Step 1 : They are having a list of free service in their website. Click here to view their destinations.
Step 2 : Call their access number
0424 21 50 80 0424 21 50 81 0424 21 50 82 0424 21 50 83
0424 21 50 84 0424 21 50 85 0424 21 50 86 0424 21 50 87
0424 21 50 88 0424 21 50 89 0424 21 50 90 0424 21 50 91
0424 21 50 92 0424 21 50 93 0424 21 50 94 0424 21 50 95
0424 21 50 96 0424 21 50 97 0424 21 50 98 0424 21 50 99
For Example :
If Person A uses 0424 21 50 80 to ring his mum, 0424 21 50 81 to ring his wife and 0424 21 50 82 to ring his Sister. He has to dial only the Access Number and not the destination number each time he rings them. That’s how he saves money on his mobile Credit as well.
Step 3 : Dial any one of the access number and follow the prompt and Dial the Destination number in this format.Prefix 0011+Country Code+Destination Number+#
For Example to call India 011+91+44+22778963
This offer is only for Australian only.

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