120 free minutes every month to call Bangladesh Mobile

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Calling Bangladesh is quite expensive and none of the providers offers free calls to Bangladesh.

YupeePhone decided to add Bangladesh Mobile to the free destinations for which the company offers 120 free minutes every month.

The offer is active and all YupeePhone customers will be able to call Bangladesh Mobile for free, as long as they deposit $20 in their account every four months.

The offer applies to existing and new customers. If a customer deposited $20 in the last 4 months, he/she will have 120 free minutes every month to call Bangladesh Mobile. These minutes are totally free and there will be no charge for them. The $20 will be available to use.

This is the best offer on the face of the earth for Bangladesh. Simple as that.

YupeePhone offers 2000 free accounts

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Free Accounts

On Thursday, June 25, YupeePhone available in 2000 (two thousand) free Pay As You Go accounts with $ 1 free credit each. The offer is valid for new customers only.

There is no obligation and accounts will be given automatically upon registration. An account can be used by the caller ID.

The offer is activated at exactly 1 PM EST, Thursday June 25, 2009 and 2000 for new accounts. New customers can call anywhere you want and use the credit to the very low YupeePhone offers.

Coupon code

In addition, YupeePhone issued 2 coupon codes for existing customers. The coupon codes are valid from now until Friday, June 26, 2009.

10% = yupee50 code. If you make a payment of $ 50 in your account online, you will receive a discount of 10%. You pay $ 45 and your account will be credited with $ 50.

5% = yupee40 code. If you make a payment of $ 40 in your account online, you will receive a 5% discount. You pay $ 38 and your account will be credited with $ 40.

Customers can use the coupon once the access codes YupeePhone your online account, click “Add money” and select $ 40 or $ 50 a tank. Credit the deposit to our customers does not expire.

These coupon codes are not valid for new orders.

Visit the website to grab this offer asap.

Skype Launches New VoIP Calls Plan for India

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Skype India 300 plan is a new product that is targeted at customers in India to enable their customers to make cheap calls to india. Although the calling rates of Skype have always been on higher side, still a lot of people use Skype. With the new 300 plan, a lot of people would be able to make cheap VoIP calls at lower rates. This new plan offers 300 minutes to call india landlines across india for €9.95(€11.44 incl VAT). Effective rate gets to around 5.9 cents/minute (0.059 USD). we know the job rate is really high. Call any time of the day, any day of the week. No long-term contract.
The 300 mins of speak time run from the initial to the final day of any monthly monthly calendar month. If you make make use of up all of your mins inside of the single monthly monthly calendar month your subsequent subscription squeeze will be active from the initial day of the following month.
Get an Unlimited World calling subscription from Skype from £4.95/month.

Another Betamax VOIP Service

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Every month Betamax is launching new services in the voip world. Their lastest service released by them is Voiplip.

Voiplip is french based service. They dont have english based site all are in french only.

Downloading the software VoipSoftClient (VoipLip) is free and you will always find the latest version here by logging into your account. If you encounter any problems using VoipLip, please first check if you are using the latest version of the software.

Login to your account under “Tools and Settings” and click on the download link “Download the VoIP Soft Client VoipLip to have on your computer. Save the installation file on your computer. Be sure to remember where you saved the file VoipSoftClient (eg the Desktop).

Click here to download the Software and use it.

You can check the rates by clicking this link.

Voiplip offers full SIP support. Please note Voiplip.com SIP Details

SIP port: 5060
Registrar: the IP:
Proxy server: the IP:
Outbound proxy server: leave blank / leave empty
Account name: your username VoipLip / your username
Password: your password VoipLip / your password VoipLip
Display name / number: your username or VoIP number / your username VoipLip or voipnumber
Stunserver (optional):

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