1 Euro Free calling credit to make international calls

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“Operator One” is providing 1 Euro Free calling credit which you can use to call 17 minutes Free phone calls to India. To use this offer, please follow these steps:
1. To to sign up with Operator One, please visit at http://www.operatorone.eu
and enter your details information including you phone number.
2. Then please click on the goto Add contacts button and after that you will see your balance is 1 Euro.
3. Please add your destination number in the add contacts then you will get a local access number to call.
4. Now please call to the given local access number from your registered phone. When you are connected, you can talk.

Free 10 minutes international minutes from US

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Make High Quality International Phone Calls At The Lowest Rates

  • Experience crystal clear voice. Try now with 10 FREE minutes!
  • Call from any Phone, any Network. Instant and PIN-less!
  • Pay ONLY for the minutes you talk, no other charges ever.
  • SIMPLEST ways to make calls – Direct Dialing, Speed Dialing.
  • Recharge directly over the phone or Auto recharge!
  • Join and be among thousands of happy and satisfied customers!

This offer is for US Residents only.

Call India for just 2.9¢/min for next 1 month!
Call Vietnam for just 3.1¢/min for next 2 weeks!
Call Pakistan for just 10¢/min for next 1 week!

This service is offering three types of calling options.

A. Regular Dial – Usual way to make calls.

B. Direct Dial – This is the most convenient and highly appreciated feature.

C. Speed Dial – This feature is very convenient for Land Line Users

To know more details about the calling options click here.

Betamax New Voip Service Offers Cheap call rates to India

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Betamax has once again launched a new VoIP service and add more variety to your current offer VOIP. The good part of this new VOIP service ActionVOIP is, of course, the best and cheapest calling rates to India.

India was offered by some VoIP service at about 1.39-1.70 cents per minute for VoIP providers range as nymgo and Mediaringtalk. As already predicted that this would lead to more competitive pricing for India and Betamax has again below the prices at a depth 07 cents per minute. This means the first time, calling to India is cheaper than 1 cent per minute and that means you can call to India in about 35 countries per minute, this is cheaper than a local call in India lol. Now you know you are being treated as a slumdog in India by the telecommunications companies and mobile operators in India as Vodafone, Bharati who charge anywhere between 35paise RS-1 for calls within India. WOW ISD and international calls from outside India are charged at 35 cents a lot cheaper than local calls.

However, 0.7 cents per minute is damn cheap and hats off Betamax to offer at that price. We expect most popular VOIP providers like localphone, nymgo begin offering these prices very soon. This will not only eradicate the poor quality offered by operators of horrible quality of VOIP calls, but we would have more choice and quality at great prices.

You can start using ActionVOIP downloading your SIP softphone or you can use with ActionVOIP.

ActionVOIP SIP Settings:

SIP port : 5060
Registrar : sip.actionvoip.com
Proxy server : sip.actionvoip.com
Outbound proxy server : leave empty
Account name : your Actionvoip username
Password : your Actionvoip password
Display name/number : your Actionvoip username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option) : stun.actionvoip.com
You can also use Actionvoip from local access number in your country, but currently the local access number dialing facility is available in some countries, most European countries only.

Call India Mobile for 1.3 cents per minute

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Nymgo which offered unlimited calling package to India have stopped it. Existing customers will be in the same package, however, seems not to have any new customers.

However, to call India has been reduced Nymgo mobile calling rates all time low of only 1.3 cents per minute, this is industry first VOIP service to go as low as 1.3 cents per minute. It would be interesting to see if VoIP providers like LocalPhone, IndiaMinutes, Mediaringtalk continue Nymgo in this race.

Nymgo despite a new VoIP provider has gained enormous customer base very quickly, especially its Unlimited Package India was a great success and people also gave positive feedback on our service nymgo blog, which made them sell more.

1.3 cents to India does not include calls to mobile code (94), possibly due to the high costs of terminating calls to this code. Secondly, nymgo provides VoIP services through SIP that gives you an advantage over other suppliers not SIP.

If you are using Nymgo, we would like to know their latest service quality and if they can sustain more customers?

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