Webcall Direct Free Voip Calls

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WebCall Direct ApplicationWebCall VoIP which is another BetaMax using provider now offers free calls to popular destinations for FREE. They are giving 300 free minutes every week to free destination countries. Once you reach the 300 minutes then normal charges apply. You cannot carry over your free minutes to next week. If you want more free minutes buy credits from them so you can get more credits. You can get the rates details by clicking here.

You can signup to this free service by clicking here. You can download the web application to make your web calls. The WebCall application includes lots of features you will not find at the browser-based version.

  • free calls to online peers
  • easy access to your contacts
  • import contacts from other applications
  • Text-Messages at ultra cheap rates

Simply click on the download link to download the software.


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VYKE another VoIP offering Free Trial Calls

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VYKE a Norway VoIP Service provider offering US$1 if you signup with them. They have alot of features to try.

Vyke IP Telephony has the following

  • Vyke PC
  • Vyke Mobile
  • Vyke IP

Vyke PC is for all persons who have PC with broadband connection. First you sign up with them to use the service. You can sign up for free account by clicking here. They will ask you to register your mobile phone number to send you the activation code. You need to download the software to call someone from your PC. Click here to download the software.

To call Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi they are charging US10 cents/min, to call India mobile they charge you US 9.5 cents/min,for rest of India they charge US 11 cents/minute. To Call US and Canada its totally free. But they charge US 4 cents as setup fee when you call everytime. To know more about the rates visit here.

Now you can send sms to anymobile in the world for US 2 Cents and also offering 10% talktime if you buy credits from US$20 and above.

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Jangl VoIP Beta Service – Call Anyperson, Anywhere and Anonymous

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Jangl another VoIP service which is in beta is really interesting. Jangl allows you to call people without knowing there telephone number and without revealing you telephone number to them. Very interesting right. With Jangl you can keep your telephone number private. Lets see how the system works.

Its very simple to use it. Visit Jangl website and enter the email address of the person you want to call. Jangl will give you a local number on which you can talk to that person.  Once you call the number and if the person is already a member of Jangl, he will answer your call. If not just leave your voice message. Jangl then send an email to that person with your voice message attached and a phone number to call you without revealing your real phone number. Once the person call that number Jangl will automatically redirect the call to your number.

To register all you need is an email address and choose a PIN.

Here is the current list of countries supported by Jangl:

Czech Republic
Hong Kong
United Kingdom

Click here to Register for free.

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Earthcaller another VOIP beta offers free calls to US and Canada

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The most famous Jaduka which is good in voice quality compared to other VoIP now comes out with another beta named EarthCaller. Few days back they allowed free overseas call. Due to some technical problem they allowing now to call local numbers such as US and Canada. If you want to call US or Canada just follow the steps below.

  1. Visit www.earthcaller.com
  2. It will prompt you to download a small ActiveX component. Accept it.
  3. Now dial the desired number in the following format (very similar to Jaduka)
  4. For US/Canada Numbers- Just dial the number without 1 (country code) or you can dial with country code(1), it works both way.
  5. For all international numbers- Dial 011-Countrycode-areacode-phonenumber format. So for e.g Calling India landline, you will dial 011914422123456

Once you click connect you can see the following messages.

Registering to SIP Proxy.
Trying to register.
Registered successfully.
Response: Trying.
Response: Session Progress.
Success to connect.

Please note currently EarthCaller engineers working on allowing free international calls. Once it was up let you know. Keep visiting this thread for more updates.

This source is from voipguides.blogspot.com

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Tokiva VOIP for free phone calls to India, US, UK, Canada

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Tokiva VOIP an Canadian VOIP firm havs developed a service that enables you to make inexpensive international long distance calls on your mobile phone.

Tokiva Mobile is a powerful J2ME application that you install on your phone that simplifies making long distance calls. It allows you to keep an address book, call history, and purchase additional credits directly through your phone without using expensive data or have to wait for pages to reload. You can get Tokiva Mobile at http://www.tokiva.com/download.php

Once you register with them you will receive free 50 Tokiva credits, which typically covers 15 minutes calling time. If you want more talk time just invite more friends to join. For each people signup under your name you will get 15 free Tokiva credits.

You can sign up using the link https://www.tokiva.com/signup.php

Tokiva now covers every country on Earth, except for North Korea.

The good option is now you can buy Tokiva Credits via Paypal or credit card at USD $20, 50, and $100.

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