Earthcaller another VOIP beta offers free calls to US and Canada

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The most famous Jaduka which is good in voice quality compared to other VoIP now comes out with another beta named EarthCaller. Few days back they allowed free overseas call. Due to some technical problem they allowing now to call local numbers such as US and Canada. If you want to call US or Canada just follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. It will prompt you to download a small ActiveX component. Accept it.
  3. Now dial the desired number in the following format (very similar to Jaduka)
  4. For US/Canada Numbers- Just dial the number without 1 (country code) or you can dial with country code(1), it works both way.
  5. For all international numbers- Dial 011-Countrycode-areacode-phonenumber format. So for e.g Calling India landline, you will dial 011914422123456

Once you click connect you can see the following messages.

Registering to SIP Proxy.
Trying to register.
Registered successfully.
Response: Trying.
Response: Session Progress.
Success to connect.

Please note currently EarthCaller engineers working on allowing free international calls. Once it was up let you know. Keep visiting this thread for more updates.

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Tags: Earth Caller, VoIP Internet Telephony

14 Responses to “Earthcaller another VOIP beta offers free calls to US and Canada”

  1. kris Says:

    dude….. this doesnt work :(

  2. Dan Says:

    call to indian landlines doesnt work..

  3. Andres Says:

    it workes for me but odes it leave a bill at the end of the month or something like that for the person who answers??

  4. joe Says:

    It works but doesnt work great. I have 3 mbit dsl. My call quality is about 3 out of 10. Also, it only works with IE. I prefer firefox. Its not something I use a lot. It needs a lot of work

  5. bilal Says:

    does not work at all, waste of time.

  6. Vimal Says:

    does not work at all, waste of time

  7. harileen Says:

    it is nice software

  8. jojo Says:

    this is a bunch o bullogna!!!wastin my time!

  9. jojo Says:

    wtf this is bull!!!

  10. bannu Says:


  11. Ravindrareddy Says:


  12. abdul rauf Says:

    hello free softwer download

  13. navdeep Says:


  14. nabi amin Says:


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