Free 2 hours International Call

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VoxOx is offering 2 hours of free call time.  They are offering Phone Service, Video Conferencing, Reach-me, Voice mail and Fax.

VoxOx features

Although initially targeted at Millenials and GenXers, VoxOx is a powerful tool for everyone, regardless of age. Better yet, it does not require giving up any of the users’ existing communication networks and provides a sophisticated global phone accessible from any device at little or no cost. Among key capabilities and features, VoxOx:

  • Creates a “meta address book” of contacts from all of a user’s disparate communications networks in a single, easy-to-use interface, accessible from any device
  • Provides telephony services along with a free phone number, two initial hours of free talk time (with potential to never have to pay for a call again), and advanced communications features, including:
    • Full inbound/outbound calling capabilities
    • Voicemail and interactive voice response “personal assistant”
    • Two-way texting
    • Call forwarding and “one-number-follow-me service”
    • Inbound faxing and fax-to-e-mail
    • Landline replacement option
    • And more
  • Interconnects users to major instant messaging networks (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and others), allowing members from different IMs to chat and video conference with each other from one service
  • Integrates with all major social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others
  • Enables flexibility for integrating existing and future applications via its open standards platform

Download the software which is 25.1 MB.

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  1. julia Says:

    what an interesting service) can you please, provide a direct link to the app, the link in the article directs to the company’s website… thanks

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