Call 23 countries for Free without Downloading the Software

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Now you can call 23 Countries for free without even downloading the PC Call Software. Talkster a new Voip Provider made this one as possible. Its very simple and easy to use. The countries supported by Talkster are below.

Country Name Country Code Dialing Code
Australia AU +61
Belgium BE +32
Canada CA +1
Czech Republic CZ +420
El Salvador SV +503
Finland FI +358
France FR +33
Germany DE +49
Hong Kong S.A.R. HK +852
Ireland IE +353
Israel IL +972
Italy IT +39
Latvia LV +371
Lithuania LT +370
Luxembourg LU +352
Mexico MX +52
Netherlands NL +31
Norway NO +47
Poland PL +48
Romania RO +40
Slovakia SK +421
Slovenia SI +386
Spain ES +34
Sweden SE +46
United Kingdom GB +44
United States US +1

How it Works

  • You can invite anyone (or a group of people) to talk for free!
  • Group chat – call and chat to one friend or a group of friends
  • You can start in one of two ways: send a SMS or use a browser (on your phone or on your computer). Once it is set up the first time, you have a number that you can save in your phone’s address book and use again and again. Simply dial the number to start a call.
  • Invite your friends to talk now, anywhere in the world, as long as they are in one of the Talkster countries mentioned above. They are expanding the list and adding new countries every day.
  • Call for as long as you like
  • No need to register and no account required – the only unlimited free calling service

How to make calls
1. You can call friends in your own country and many countries around the world. Click where does it work? to find out which countries.
2. For every friend or group you invite, you get a new local Talkster number and your friend gets a local number in their country too. You both get sent these numbers by SMS, but if your friend is not on a mobile phone, you’ll need to tell them the number before you can call each other.
3. Enter your name and number, and your friend’s name and number. Numbers have to include the Country Code (1 for the USA and Canada, 44 for the United Kingdom, etc.). If you want to invite more than one person onto the call, click on the link to “add someone else”, and you will be able to add up to 5 friends for a group call!
4. Once you click on “Call”, you will get a confirmation message with your Talkster numbers. You get a local Talkster number for your friend and your friend gets a local Talkster number for you. If you are using mobile phone numbers, Talkster will also send an SMS to you and your friend(s) with your Talkster numbers for each other.
5. Talkster gives you a local number for your friend or group of friends, no matter where in the world they are. You call the local Talkster number that we’ve given you whenever you want to speak to them.

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Tags: Free calls to Australia, Free Calls to Canada, Free Calls to UK, Free Calls to US, Free International Calls, Talkster

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  1. callerdude Says:

    Check out Rebtel ( instead. Offers the same hang up-call back service without the 10 seconds comercial in 39 countries. You’ll get 10 minutes without the hang up-call back routine and 5 more for each friend you sign up. On facebook as well

    If you think it’s OK to pay e.g. 1.8 cents a minute (+ the cost of the local call) to call your grandmother in the US Rebtel offers you the option to skip the hang up-call back stuff. They’ll give you an extra 10 minuts for swiping your card.

  2. Almat Says:

    I am a student and i can not find how can i make a free call to Kazakhstan and Uzbeksitan,Turkey?

  3. tayyab Says:

    i want to make free calls in London and Saudi Arabia

  4. Mohammad Zakaria Says:

    free call

  5. mario Says:


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