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Google Voice is the next big thing in the market for VoIP. Just a few days after its launch, the Internet is awash with discussions on Google Voice. I hope that by now most readers of our blog U.S. must be an invitation and joined the Google voice service. Therefore, besides the already known features famous voice of Google, what other benefits you can get through Google Voice.

First you make free calls from your mobile phone: I assume that most of you have mobile phones as iPhone, BlackBerry etc. Most of these phones comes with AT & T plans, T-mobile etc. Now these service providers provide a limited amount of minutes per month. Some operators offer “free unlimited minutes to certain numbers and these numbers are not counted monthly minutes. If you are making voice calls Google number (include this in their list of free calls), and we know Google allows voice calls to other numbers U.S. free of charge, then you have effectively unlimited calls for free.
This trick is very simple based on the fact that Google is the cost of voice calls to other Google U.S. phone numbers.

U.S. calling the phone number directly from the browser: Voice calls through Google from Firefox.
I think this should also work to utilize Google Voice over MAC.
Completion of a free Google voice is provided by thatsmith for firefox. Here is the link to Google Voice Add-on for Firefox.
Click a phone number on any page to make a voice call through Google. Displays the number in the status bar and lists your most recent call when hovered. Select the text to send as a text message or text and marking the status bar.

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